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about me

Meredith Hoffa imageI am a writer, friend, lover, TV enthusiast and compulsive tidier* in the city of Los Angeles. I vote yes on bite-sized foods, lists, dusk, raspy voices and eating cheese with companions at any time of day or night. I vote no on whistling, elevators, foodies, close-standers and fingernail biters – even though I am one.

In other news, I am 5’3″, a little bit double jointed, and though I cannot jog, I can sprint surprisingly, amazingly fast.

These facts do not comprise the entire me. They are just a few things.

Some places where my work has appeared:

*tidier n. someone who likes to tidy up the joint, i.e. a person who bustles about, taking great pleasure in moving things from place to place. Oh this looks great there./I’d like that here./ Hmm, what’s this doing there?!/ i’m so happy I moved it here.