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Feb 9 / admin


This entry is part 4 of 5 in the series The Bachelor 2016

I don’t know mucholivia but I do know this:

1) Thin Mints pair beautifully with sour bears.

2) Even though in fashion there are no can’ts, you can’t wear a neon fringe bikini with a sheer, earthy, bohemian-style cover up; those are two different worlds.

3) A person who talks nonsense is complicated, and complicated = good.*

Storms are brewing outside and storms are brewing inside peoples’ hearts. The environs are in fact so topsy turvy throughout this episode (pigs swimming?!) that even The Rose must be tethered with wire to its driftwood platter.


photo 1

The toes pictured are Olivia’s – the controversial toes from week three! (They seem unremarkable to me.)


photo 2

A canary yellow spaghetti-strapped dress like this is truly my dream dress. Caila may smile too much for Ben’s taste, but she is my style-spiration of the season. Everything on her dazzles.


photo 3

The yellow dress in all its waltz-y glory. Meanwhile JoJo and Becca cling to each other in relief & exhaustion — they’re safe through another rose ceremony, but the road to love is littered with choppy seas and people who act one way in the house and another way outside it.


Sorry not to write more this week. I’m exhausted from binging on Making a Murderer.  Every moment of free time has been spent finishing the episodes, and now, reading about the case and its starring players.



*Corollary – People who smile a lot are uncomplicated and, furthermore, bad.