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Jul 7 / admin


This entry is part 7 of 9 in the series The Bach'ette 2015
Ben Flajnik [Ben's Season] stopped by to say hello.

Ben Flajnik [Ben’s Season] stopped by to say hello.

Remember Ben [Ben’s season]?
Guys, I’m sorry but this lazehole can’t write a whole ton tonight. I suffered a food-related injury last night having to do with indoor marshmallow roasting and a fork as hot as the white-hot sun and my mouth – which actually pretty much sums me up perfectly as a person – and because of this mishap I’ve been off my game all day so will be brief here so I can go watch Transparent and gargle warm salt-water.
Things to chew on, like a horse chews hay. (Definitely just typed “hey.” Hey girl.):

  • What would be happening this season if Kaitlyn hadn’t had sex with Nick and then slut shamed her own self? What on God’s green earth would fill the 2 hours each week?
  • Is eskimo brothersh sheriously a thing? Kaitlyn sheemsh to know about it but I’m in the dark.
  • Will Ben H(andsome) continue to play the “talk all night” card during his Fantasy Suite date or will he drop that silliness?

photo 2(5)

  • Would you describe Kaitlyn as relieved or quite disappointed that Shawn didn’t flip a table over when he learned of her sexcapade with Nick?
  • Is Jared for real with that disarming, gentlemanly behavior upon getting the boot – or is he just hoping to get in the running to be the next Bachelor even though how could he be, whatwith the disturbing facial hair?
  • CAN ANYONE UNDERSTAND A WORD JOE IS SAYING and who cares because he’s gone now but in that vein would you rather get dumped on a bench or a log bench?
  • Is the horse-drawn carriage a very masculine way for the men to arrive to the cocktail party? That’s not a real question. (Hi again, Ben Flajnik!)

This is a fair amount to chew on so chew away – though I shan’t, as I’ll be sticking to soft foods (the s’mores injury -SO WHAT) for a few more days.

Next week- a very stunning coral-colored dress and MORE Nick v Shawn!

Nighty night, loversh.