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Jan 10 / admin


I know it’s still early, but so far so good re: 2012. I like the way the digits look together, so much more so than 2011 which looked so jarring. And 2012 has a very fresh and clean sound. The “elve” part is nice on both the ears and the mouth. And as a quasi OCD person, I of course appreciate the calming evenness of the number.

Some items that are already rocking my new year:

I have a new electric toothbrush. Nick got it for me for Hanukkah/Christmas and he was all “sorry this present isn’t sexier” but guess what, it’s way sexy. I get really fired up about dental health. I am the rare person who actually likes going to the dentist and this is because dentists often compliment my teeth and I always really, really appreciate the kind words. It’s like I take these compliments and store them up in a little warehouse in my mind and let them fuel me through life as needed. For example, here’s a moment I’ve never forgotten: I am 12, my mouth is full of braces, it is hot as shit outside and I am at Cranes beach with my dear friend Carolyn and our moms; I’m sporting a neon green monokini and am slathered in Coppertone SPF 55 and Caro and I are laying in the sand laughing hard and she goes “You have really clean teeth.” The fact that I remember this miniscule, banal comment decades later is basically all you really need to know about me is what I’m saying. Needless to say, if you are my friend and have ever given me a dental compliment of any kind, I remember it. I FUCKING LOVE MY NEW TOOTHBRUSH.

Another gift I got: renewal of my Real Simple subscription. A family friend has been giving this to me for a few years now and I love it so much. My addiction to Real Simple can best be compared to a person’s addiction to a passionate yet abusive relationship. The cycle goes like this: Real Simple arrives and holy crap I’m excited!! I burrow into my bed and read it cover to cover while gnawing on Twizzlers and getting all empowered-feeling and revved up about my plans to purchase stackable bins and to put hooks where there are none and to transfer all our cereal into cute, airtight bins and to use white vinegar to clean surfaces in an environmentally-sound manner and to make nutritious meals for my daughter that I can store in the freezer for quick thawing on a hectic weeknight! But then I never do any of these things, which ultimately just makes me feel incompetent and procrastinate-y and the exact opposite of empowered. So the dog-eared Real Simple gets tossed onto the stack of other dog-eared Real Simples and sits there next to my bedside table reminding me every single day of what a stupid lazehole I am. But then the new Real Simple comes! And I am so excited!! Out come the Twizzlers!!

In other news, as of today I am the owner of a Crockpot. A slow-cooker, if you will. This was another Christmas gift but it just arrived today from MA. I have big ideas about making chili and stews and hearty soups for friends who gather around my hearth. Dinner is my favorite meal of the day and I spend a good amount of time each afternoon dreaming about what’s on the dinner-horizon. So a slow-cooker is very compelling to me because I love the idea that all day long as I go about my life, dinner can be IN THE WORKS. My mom used a slow-cooker occasionally, which might be why I have such affection for its 1980s vibe and why I associate it with nude pantyhose and silky yet serious blouses and the movie “9 to 5.”  Anyhoo, I’m planning to use the Crockpot tomorrow when our friends come for dinner, and in poking around online for a recipe, I found this tremendous site where these two chicks not only compile all these crockpot recipes, but they post a little video of themselves making each one. I’m obsessed with how at the beginning of each video segment the one on the left goes “Happy crockpot Monday, ya’ll!” but with a really serious, dour face on.

Happy New Year, friends. I hope 2012 brings something special for all of you.