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Dec 16 / admin


There’s the irritating, brain cell-killing kind of Christmas music that plays on a loop in the Starbuckses and stores that is drippy and lame, and then there is the beauteous and stirring kind of Christmas music that gives the shivers and gets you jazzed for the wood-burning stove and the constant stream of libations and the ham and curling of the ribbon with the scissors and the crisp new books you will get and the cheese platter with the English-y biscuits that is not a hors d’oeuvres at all but rather an exciting dessert course, Europe-style.

This jewess loves THIS song here. THIS one, too, which is the version from Love Actually, which I — and I alone, apparently — will forever maintain is one of the sweetest Christmas movies ever. Feast your eyes upon this tiny lovesick drummer who plays Liam Neeson’s son. Is he not the most smashably dear little creature ever? You might like to know: He does get the girl. A goodbye kiss, anyway — which is all he really wants — right before her jetplane to America.  It being Christmas and all.