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Apr 2 / admin


I am back on Sesame Street and holy shit is it good. This show’s got everything: human kids, human grown ups, puppets, depressive puppets, puppets who speak expressly in the third person, claymation, animation, young blind jazz phenom guest stars, A-list celebs, and much, much more.

This show has become the driving force in LadyBaby’s life (She watches TV. Every flippin’ day. Judge me.) and each time the opening song comes on, she turns to me with this ecstatic, awe-filled, bursting-with-happiness expression on her face as if to say “Are you fucking seeing this, Mama?!” — then turns back to the screen in time to catch Cookie Monster smashing cookies into his face, at which point she gleefully screams “FOOD!!!!!” And that it is the exact same thing every single time is pretty much the best thing ever.

It’s incredible to me that this show has not only persevered after all these years, but managed to remain so true to its original look and feel and vibe. For me to come back to it after decades away and still find it so familiar is brilliant. I love that a bunch of the original cast members are still there. I love that the show depicts a NYC that is urban and adventure-filled, yet neighborhood-y and cozy. And I cannot get enough of the celebrity cameos. Who knew Ryan Reynolds could be so disarming and lovable? Or that Terence Howard could come across so bizarre and creepy? I did not know these things, but now I do.

What I also really appreciate about Sesame Street is that it’s helping me fill in my knowledge gaps — these curious, embarrassing holes I have in my smarts about How the Universe Works, holes that cause me to be ridiculed to no end by the people who supposedly love me most (Hi, ridiculers!). Like The Animals. Perhaps my preschool skipped this unit entirely or I had strep and missed a ton of days or something but the result is that I am massively, ludicrously dumb about animals. Up until last year I thought reindeer(s?) were an imaginary animal, a whimsical, fantastical thing created solely for their role in Christmas stories. Also, it wasn’t long ago that I learned, while walking with my mom through Golden Gate Park, that ponies are not the babies that horses birth at all, but are apparently a whole separate thing entirely. And while I’m being honest here, I’ll go ahead and admit that that I often mix up lions and tigers. To me they look pretty much the same except for the headband of fur, and the problem is it always takes me a minute to remember whether it’s lions or tigers that have the headband. So stuff like that. Which would never be an issue except that now I live with a kid who all she wants to do is look at pictures of animals and name them. Stop naming nuts!

So I’m learning.

Here’s what I’ve gleaned so far this week:

1) Insects have six legs, arachnids have eight.
2) Spiders are arachnids.
3) You’re supposed to brush your teeth using an up down motion, not side to side.

[thoughtful chin stroke]

I like this image A LOT